_forgive me, for I have sinned

living and letting die
psycology of stupidity and lies
I've become what I most hate
started playin' with others' fate

took the only jewel we all are born with
put it on fire and it burned
made myself a monster by wondering "if"
turned my face away from the things I've learned

for the sense of taste and pleasure
I made a thousand families cry and suffer
yes I'm wrong and for that I apply the closure
filled with shame and pain, so I wander

please bring me the serenity and clarity of mind back
for my actions I mourn with my soul covered in black
I don't wanna take another animal's life again
these are words of desperation, lines of prayer. Amem.

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Igor disse...

Sin is but a social barrier our forefather imposed on us and we insist on re-imposing them on ourselves resulting thus is gazillions of money turned to shrinks, fathers, pastors, rabis and alike.
The answer to life is fourty-two and sin should not be taken into consideration...as for killing another animal...cavivaras are delicious!